About TGD

TGD is a community for design and creative professionals who work, or want to work, in Tokyo.
We focus on connecting creatives and sharing experiences and information about life and events in Tokyo.

We love Japan and we love design.

TGD was founded to help designers and creatives connect with each other in Tokyo and across Japan. We want to build a strong design community in Tokyo so that we can share experiences, information and bring you better content.

We asked ourselves “What would I like to have known before arriving in Japan?” and from this basic question we will share the stories and experiences of designers who live and work in Japan. Our opinions and articles will always be honest and our own.
TGD will publish event reviews, interviews and opinion articles relating to life in Tokyo as a designer. If there is something you want to know/hear about then please let us know!
Riccardo Parenti – Founder and Creative Director / Editor

Italian. Art Director, interaction design enthusiast, occasionally photographer.
Riccardo is the founder the TGD community, starting the LinkedIn group when he first moved to Japan in 2010.
After five years working in the Japanese design industry he though was time to share his experiences helping other foreign designers in Tokyo. He is also a volunteer for Behance Tokyo.

He spend his free time seeking and exploring abandoned buildings in the Japanese countryside.
More about him on his Linkedin profile
Contact me! ric@tokyographicdesigners.com

Tim O’Hanlon – Co-founder and Head Editor

Australian. Communication Designer.
Tim is a Communication Designer with passion for design and strategic thinking. In his work he focuses on creating effective design solutions are business focused and informed by strategy and research. Tim moved to Tokyo in 2014 and has been working as a freelance designer since.
In his spare time Tim loves to travel around Japan hiking, cycling, eating and snowboarding.
More about him on his Linkedin profile
Contact me! tim@tokyographicdesigners.com

Chi Yun Yeh “Yo chan”- Contributor

Chi Yun Yeh is a Tokyo based designer, illustrator and motion graphic designer.
Born and raised in Taiwan, she came to Japan in 2010 and entered Tokyo Design Gakuin. Her studies focused on illustration and communication design, and after graduating, she spent two years at a Japanese design studio, working as a web designer.
Chi Yun is currently exploring UX/UI design, and creating a series of illustrations that present moments from her life in Tokyo.

Ashleigh Leyshon – Editor and Contributor

Ash, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, is a translator and localiser in the mobile games industry. She began learning Japanese in primary school, which started a life-long passion for language and writing, and has now extended that passion to coding. Ash has been in Japan for 2 and a half years, living in Nagoya for 1 year then moving to Tokyo. In her spare time Ash loves to draw, play games, read, ski, knit, practice martial arts, and travel. Check her out on LinkedIn.