Poole Expo – Startup Event

Poole Expo is an upcoming recruitment event for the IT/Web field and around 20 famous companies will be exhibiting there.

Date 2015/06/02
Time 19:00-22:00 (the final entry is 21:30)
Venue Shibuya MarkCity 17F
Entry Free
website http://poole-expo.peatix.com/

This event is not only for designers, but also for engineers, directors, and other professionals who work in the web and IT field.

The special concept of this event is that you will have the chance to meet people who work in the companies who are presenting, talk to them, and get more information about the company before you choose to apply.

In japan it’s usually difficult to have a chance to talk with employers

In japan it’s usually difficult to have a chance to talk with the employers before you make your application and you will have to wait for an interview. So this event is a very good chance to get to know their working style, what kind of people work there and what they’re currently working on.

If you have any question or need some advice, there will be four staff members at the event who can help you find and introduce you to the companies you are interested in.

You must register to attend this event so don’t forget to sign up! You can register and find out more information at the Poole Expo website.

The participating companies are:
ietty / DMM.com / Team Lab / somewrite / Retty / Iconic Japan / chintaijyoho /LIG / ESSPRIDE / ChatWork / Goodpatch / richmedia / PIXTA / Est Corporation / OneOfThem / eureka / nijibox / Loco Partners / IandC-Cruise / whomor
Chi Yun Yeh

Chi Yun Yeh is a Tokyo based designer, illustrator and motion graphic designer. Born and raised in Taiwan, she came to Japan in 2010 and entered Tokyo Design Gakuin. Her studies focused on illustration and communication design, and after graduating, she spent two years at a Japanese design studio, working as a web designer. Chi Yun is currently exploring UX/UI design, and creating a series of illustrations that present moments from her life in Tokyo.

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