Project Esin: Inspired creativity for Japan and Hong Kong

Project Esin is a series of creative workshops coming from a truly impressive team of high level creatives. Launching in Tokyo and Hong Kong their focus on inspiring creativity across multiple disciplines has really caught our attention here at TGD.

A series of multi-day, multi-discipline creative workshops will be held in Tokyo, Sapporo and Hong Kong during the Autumn. Led by some world-class creative professionals, they are designed to challenge, empower and “give permission” to creative people, according to the organisers.

“The workshops are about exploration, and challenging yourself through exploration” says John Warwicker, co-founder of London-based creative collective Tomato. “It’s about getting people talking about something, then making something, and giving them a way of negotiating the world. That means the world generates ideas for them, as opposed to being detached, separate.”

Warwicker, who is also a former professor of design at Monash University Art, Design & Architecture (MADA), author, government consultant and Visiting Professor of Design at Zokei University in Tokyo is one of the creative leaders of Esin, a UK-based based company whose ultimate goal is to build schools for creative inspiration in Japan and South-East Asia.

The workshops are open to anyone who wants to explore their creativity, be inspired, or have their old creative habits refreshed and revitalised. “It doesn’t matter if a participant has zero design skills,” says Steve Baker, co-founder of Esin and founding Managing Director of tomato. “Many participants aren’t designers. Some have never even held creative jobs before. What matters is that they are open to be pushed outside their normal experiences, be given tasks that might seem impossible, be prepared to fail spectacularly, and to make things they’ve never even considered making before.”

The workshops are not designed to teach specific skills, but to inspire new ways of thinking and innovation that open new avenues of exploration for those who commit to the process. As a recent workshop participant said: “Now I have self-confidence and courage to say I’ll do what I want to do. What you get from the experience is up to you.”

For those who are curious to see how creativity can be inspired, a film on the front page of shows scenes from a Tokyo workshop held earlier this year.
You can also learn more about Project Esin in our October interview with Steve Martin, a co-founder of the project.

The team at Project Esin are offering a generous discount to anybody who joins through TGD for any of their three upcoming Autumn workshops.

Tokyo: Makers’ Base
19 to 23 October: ¥120,000 (Normal rate: ¥150,000)
Discount cut-off: Tuesday 13th Oct.

Sapporo: ICC
26 October to 6 November: ¥96,000 (Normal rate: ¥120,000)
Discount cut-off: Monday 19th Oct.)

Hong Kong: MakerHive Kennedy Town:
11 to 15 November: HK$6,000 (Normal rate: $7,500)
Discount cut-off: Friday 30th Oct.

All you have to do is go the the Project Esin website and when you sign up put “Tokyo Graphic Designers” into the notes field. Then you’ll receive an email with more details about the workshop and payment details. Easy!

Places are limited and while you can register up until the event, you must sign up before the cutoff dates above to get the discounts, so be quick!

Tim O'Hanlon

Tim is an Australian born Communication Designer with passion for applying design and strategic thinking to all of his work. Tim moved to Tokyo in 2014 and has been working as a freelance designer since. In his spare time Tim loves to travel around Japan hiking, cycling, eating and snowboarding.

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