We sent our Christian Yamao to attend at WORKxCREATIVE in Shibuya. The first report on TDG! Keep reading.


WORKxCREATIVE had it’s first event this May. Taking place at the busy Tokyo beacon spot Shibuya, with a cost of ¥2000, this talk-slash-workshop kicked off with its first topic being web media.

The event was directed towards young designers and students who are yet to develop their careers, and in this case, I don’t think the event was targeted for foreigners, as i believe I was the only foreigner to participate and everything was presented in japanese.

With around 30 attendees, randomly divided into groups of 5, each with their own big table (with ever welcome snacks and beverages), the event started with a brief introduction of web media, the strength of clear concepts when creating a web platform, web design that is coherent to the concept and goal of the website, and with the aid of japanese examples, the talk went into outlining the importance of a defined target and business model to bring an idea together.

With a lack of deep japanese language knowledge and more than a few blind spots when it comes to japanese web culture, it’s no surprise that I found myself falling behind in some explanations and slideshows in the projector.

“We had to come up with an idea for a website and develop it as much as we could in the timeframe of half an hour”

But after the talk was over, the event shifted to the workshop portion. With the participants I was grouped with in the table, we had to come up with an idea for a website and develop it as much as we could in the timeframe of half an hour. Quickly the table was entirely covered with a sheet of paper in which, Not only sketches and keywords started being written by all participants while brainstorming ideas, but at the same time, we had to prepare another big sheet of paper, neat and clean, to present to the rest of the workshop, explain our idea and receive feedback afterwards.

Sure a stimulating moment, I only personally wish, in a introspective note, that my japanese skills were a little bit more polished so I could have expressed myself fully and bring more to the table, quite literally.

The final ideas presented varied from a social network to connect people specifically with same hobbies, to a hub like site to share tutorial filmmaking videos, to a website to help those who have trouble waking up in the mornings.

In the end, not an event that would turn one’s career upside down, but a very nice introduction to understanding principles of web design, UI, and what makes the things websites we use in our daily lives, work.




Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Japanese language Student/Cultural Dysmorphia. Born in Buenos Aires , Argentina with japanese roots. After growing up and pursuing several studies and interests in Argentina such as Visual communication , Performing arts, creative writing and the craft of cooking and eating, he moved to Japan in the year 2014 with no knowledge of japanese language.

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