Message from TGD staff!

We want to say a big thank you to all the people who supported TGD this year!
We started out with with one single goal: help people to get the right information about life in Tokyo as a designer. After nine months we evolved in something more than just an informational hub,
we had become a magazine.

We would like to especially say thank you to: all the design communities from Tokyo and from overseas for their support, the creatives who gave us their time and thoughts for interviews, our generous contributors and the people that helped us to improve our content and finally all of our readers and fans for coming back for every article and giving us the encouragement to keep moving forward.

We are going to keep working to improve TGD to create a better experience for you all in 2016!
We look forward to bringing you more great content in the new year!

Thank you!

Riccardo Parenti

Italian. Art Director, interaction design enthusiast, occasionally photographer. Riccardo is the founder the TGD community, starting the LinkedIn group when he first moved to Japan in 2010. He is also a volunteer for Behance Tokyo. He loves to spend his free time seeking and exploring abandoned buildings in the Japanese countryside.

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